tca peeling

tca peeling

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as of now, i applied it to razor-like scars caused by various reasons. i am on the first day of my procedure with doa chemistry 50% tca. we apply the acid to the problem area for 1 minute and wait, then wash it with plenty of water. i use hametan and hamazinc creams as care creams. in the first minutes of the application, whitening and swelling occur. this is perfectly normal. i don't know how many applications i will get rid of, but i am hopeful.


an effective formation in removing acne scars on the face.


applied the 20% one on my face for the second time to make my 3-5 sunspots disappear with 1 month intervals. i can say that it has no effect on the stains. only my skin shines brightly, is renewed and revitalized. as a result, you can easily try it at home without much expectation. if you can wait patiently for the peeling skin to come to itself for days.


skin peeling chemical process that can be applied at home and requires very careful care afterwards.

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