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while passing by a taxi, the device that can keep the one who is ahead of the hills alive by eyeing the dial while passing by a taxi... i guess it was the device programmed to write while waiting in idle state, it was showing the text of allah... i couldn't believe it, i looked back, squinted and was surprised...


a video site series with solid jokes. mertkan erkan is doing good work.


when these were seen in the rear view mirror, the trouble of stumbling in the back seat to see the old-fashioned taximeter hidden behind the gear came to an end. i think i actually gained a lot of flexibility to look at the taximeter without being noticed at that time.


it is the device that makes us not worry about the money we can't get even if it rounds the price up by itself.


who are you, dear, who said that the september 12 coup was the only benefit? i think this answer came upon a journalist's question. edit: typo (i couldn't learn to write properly)


lap: tension duration: 35 minutes imdb score: 7.2


the device, which i believe works with the mentality of "the more the wheel spins, the more money it makes". that's why we see taxi wheels the size of a tennis ball one day. they are already starting to shrink. or my nerves.