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"there is also to be for the country, but your debt is to live"


he is the author of the fortune-i funun period. - he masterfully adapted the measure of aruz to the. - in the early periods, he dealt with individual issues, but later on social issues. he dedicated the poems he wrote under the name of haluk to the youth. (haluk's notebook)


halit ziya uşaklıgil, in his memoir titled forty years, in which he describes his literary adventure and his literary friends in detail, says the following about his close friend tevfik fikret: "his hands were not created for counting money, but for holding pens." the life of an idealist poet could not be summed up better.


even today, in a geography where millions of keyboard nationalists and warmongers who are ready to die instantly for the state breathe and exist, he is a poet who was able to say "to die for the country, but your debt is to live..." many, many years ago. this will give you a broad idea of his vision.


"man has such heresy; he makes his own idol, he worships it"


our first known anarchist writer. there may be people who call him a lumpen, but we know that all his trouble is his melancholic personality.