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although it was the first place where electricity was produced in the country, it is the place where the most power outages are experienced today. it's a retarded country that got 100 from the visa and stayed in the final. https://tr.wikipedia.org/…kiye'de_elektrinin_tarihi


is still missed. by the way, the town of ignorant (!) that had a culture minister for three terms (see: mustafa istehan talay)


the name given by the hittites was tarsa. it is estimated that the origin of that name comes from the lightning god tarhunz in the hittite mythology.


my hometown, which has shown us the ignorant people who claim to be a town with a low level of general culture and education. (see: #51858310) (see: umut yaşam oğuzcan) (see: plays oral) (see: danyal topatan) (see: mehmet bal) (see: mehmet emin karamehmet) (see: faithful elibeyaz) (see: mehmet hulusi) (see: zeynel abidin) (see: mehmet yaşar günaçgün) what comes to my mind for now.


it's interesting, i sold 5 boxes of cherries in the city center saying "clitoris rentaaz clitoris rentaaz", nothing happened. -cherry cherryaz clit, these are geal.. -are they real kiletor? -yes sister, i'm losing 1 kilo.

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