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an elf nobleman who has hobbies like playing football with the neighborhood kids (5-8 years old). in general, the matches end with sentences such as "the red car alarm went off and we fled". the next day, the subject is crowned when the playmates walk around with tattoos drawn with gaseous pencils on their arms.


the music man whose signature you find when you look at many albums that you see are good or that the album you see under his signature is good.


with his feet on the monitor, "come on" with his left hand, accompanying the songs by himself, short pants, long hair and guitar grip, "i'm a steve harris fan!" said music man.


the great turk thinker who changed the course of the rock music industry in the country and conquered the hearts with his talent and work discipline...


i can say that the album "the world is lying", which he produced with a completely subjective evaluation, is the best rock album ever made in the country.


bassist of pentagram. great person. it is suspected that he has. very good musician. he also worked as an arranger and musician on the first two albums of Şebnem temel. not to mention the bass player...


he is a handsome man, he is charismatic, his producer is admirable, something like that... the thing that interests me is that when this man goes on stage with a black musicman in his hand and breaks his knees, bad things will happen on that stage. very bad things as well...


am i the only one who compares our brother tarkan to iron maiden's bass guitarist (see: steve harris) as he gets older? tarkan baba steve baba is also an older brother whose energy and style i admire. i wish you respect. editto: i had the opportunity to meet him after a concert. dude, you are such a warm and humble person. you're really great tarkan dad :)