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it looks more like a vacuum cleaner bag than a bear.


it was one of the most durable creatures in nature, the size of which was no more than a pinhead. in laboratory experiments, it was thrown into helium at minus 272 c; it was left at minus 192 c for 20 months and boiled for weeks at 92 c by throwing in ether, alcohol and other harmful chemicals, and when it was returned to normal temperature and water was given, it started to live again. i pay my respects to the animal world.


http://img6.mynet.com/ha7/analiz/hab/uzz.jpg when we saw its picture and thought that because we were sending the animal into space, they also dressed it in an astronaut outfit, but learned that it was its natural state and ruined it.


dedicate these lines, which i was aware of while watching cosmos, which do a lot of work, without a type but as a type as himself; we cool off in the lava, we head to the meteorite, we sweat in the ice age, we multiply in alcohol, the type doesn't matter, the main value is stability, let's be tardigrades, monotonous life will love us.


you know, there are 3rd class hollywood movies, or the first time they broadcast on tv with the phrase star. its name is something like "killer platypus", "terrible vitamin c". huh, they look like mutated animals over there, is there such an animal? officially immortal dude.


they are beings that have a brain, two eyes and a digestive system but have no heart and lungs. they shrink in dry environments and evaporate the water in their tissues and almost stop their oxygen consumption. in this self-protection phase, he gets rid of many things that harm human beings, almost without bleeding, and returns to his normal life when he finds a suitable environment. he was turning.


i'm sick of this. we're all going to die, this chewed-gum blob will live on. i'm jealous man!