taking a break from your relationship

taking a break from your relationship

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are you going to handle what you could not handle when you are together, when you are apart .. pure !!
called ..
there is a relationship or not, the important thing here is what you will do when such a word is told to you ..
-it's over, dear ... it's over ..
it is best to try ..


the interval given should be well measured.


it's like attaching a silencer to the barrel, you couldn't say it's over and it's not.


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meaning: "wait for me"


it is a period when uncertainty takes over and ruins your life. even if you want to save the relationship, it's hard to know how to do it. leaving time seems like the only solution, but how much time is needed is another uncertainty. all you can do is wait and pray. is crying every night. to go to school in the mornings with swollen eyes. your mother "what's wrong son?" it is to pass the question "no thing" by saying. although it is absurd most of the time it is necessary. hoping for him to come back.


- honey, i think we should take a break.
- get out of me first!
- i respect.


"there is someone else, let me be with him, if i do not like, i will come back to you".

for those who fail to leave at once, the exercise of separation is a preliminary, a steep of deceit, a sign that the water has clouded once and will never be as clear as before.

the person who is given a break cannot make sense of the situation. the poor naive chup awaits when this break will end. (see believing is half the success)


as far as i have seen from my surroundings recently, one of the biggest mistakes made in relationships is "let's stay apart for a while". once you think of taking a break, that relationship is actually over in your head. anyway. one should really consider and weigh a break with someone, decide how much i love this person, what i love, what i do not like, and act accordingly.


(see farewell pause)


it is often the beginning of a separation. the second half of the film is shorter than thought.


if a relationship is bad enough to take a break, it is better to end it. some things don't change and can't be fixed. because it's a matter of character


the general name for the deceit of men pretending to find a woman who would be a pity to kidnap and leave so that there would be no dishonor; it is an initiative in which women (in general) are tired of men's bullshit and try to move from farm life to urban life.

more painful situation than ending the relationship


it is an act that makes the concept of relationship look like a job or a chore.


it seems to me that this action is mostly done with the thought of "you stay in my side pocket, i will take it out again when i need it".


the relationship is now unstable.
but the other party does not want to leave.
a long-term relationship in the head is a big hump on your back.

- i can see you don't feel good about this too, but i love you. i do not want to leave.
- then let's take a break, maybe it will help.


is to play extensions in the relationship. i have neither seen, heard nor experienced the improvement of an interrupted relationship. in fact, there is no turning back at the end of many intervals, so it is actually a trial, not a break.


it is the polite way of saying, "i will cheat, but i have to be comfortable in conscience."


it is a decision made to prepare the lover who does not want to leave anyway.


(see: return to okey)


it is a test of how much i love the person i love.
you take a break and look at the hole the relationship has left in your life.
if there is a space that is large enough to handle, you place another in that space.
if the emptiness left by the loved one is taking firm steps towards becoming a black hole, it is the reason why the event called marriage was invented.


the evasive answer to those who are too discouraged to end the relationship


it is a process that makes it easier to accept separation. it is actually a separation, but it comes with the lie that "we will be together again after a while". since there is no separation, the parties do not get angry with each other, the feeling of abandonment is experienced softer and the other person's absence is accepted over time. and eventually * leaves.


"it is to injure the relationship ..."


it is a word that contains a huge lie.


if you say "let's meet with others", that break is too long. don't wait in vain, because he won't wait


it's kind of an attempt to deviate to the last exit before the bridge. it usually results in failure.