take out a loan and buy a car

take out a loan and buy a car

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the action of a friend of mine, whom i met recently, whom i have not seen for a long time, and whom i do not want to see anymore. i have saved 30 thousand liras, i am thinking of buying a 1.6 110 horsepower golf by taking about 50 thousand more credits," he said. i said what is this, bro, this is a golf hobby, so you will take out 50 thousand loans, you will pay 15 thousand interest in 5 years. he said it's worth it. it's really hard to understand people. how did we come to this? he is wasting 5 years because i will get into a car and he is willing to pay 15 thousand liras interest. guys who will fuck themselves to show off.


3 years ago, i took a loan of 20 thousand tl and bought a car. i paid 13 thousand liras and i paid 20 thousand liras in 30 months. i paid 3 thousand liras of interest in total, but the price of the car increased by 5 thousand liras in 3 years. i can see 2 thousand liras in profit, but when i index it to dollars, the size of the one that enters me is quite large. at that time, i could get 17,368 dollars for 33 thousand liras. now i can get 13,333 dollars for 38 thousand liras. i am at a loss of 4 thousand dollars on a dollar basis.


is the car an investment vehicle? no. it is a need in a country where urban and intercity transportation is weak. comparing it with gold is a very silly move. is this an investment house? the car is an expense. the annual maintenance cost, tax, fuel and bus do not end, but in countries with high inflation like the country, it is good to have a bad car when you can.


if you do not look at the car you bought as an investment and you do not intend to sell it for how much money in the future, if you do not trade, it is an action that will not cause a problem. since you have taken this action, you probably thought that it is time to own a car, you cannot buy a car without taking out a loan, you have this luxury because you are not a loan taker.


is to get into trouble without worry. loan interest, traffic insurance, automobile insurance, petrol, mtv, inspection... (see: umbrella that goes into the butt can't be opened)

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