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to the question of whether tajikistan becomes iran; it is the country that has responded like a cover; --- spoiler --- police announced that, in addition to 'convincing' 1,700 women to remove their headscarves, they arrested 89 women wearing black chadors on charges of prostitution. 169 stores selling black linens were also closed. the tajik parliament last week banned naming newborns with arabic names. --- spoilers ---


republic of stolen cars from europe. the german police personally come to this country and ask for the chassis number of the range, x5-6, mls on the road, and it turns out that 9 out of 10 cars are stolen in germany. do not think that the remaining 1 car is bought with halal money. they probably stole it from another country.


place like the hakkari of the world.


as those who have a close relative of the pharmacist will find quite logical, the center of gravity in its economy is cotton. tajikistan's surface area is 143 thousand km², which makes it approximately the size of three and a half konya. however, the total length of the interconnected train tracks is 470 km. this length is probably the length of the rails of the children's trains in the amusement parks in the large settlements of the country. (see: using konya as a unit of measurement)


it is a forgotten country. it is the yozgat of asia.