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charlatan axle tucked in push by funny or die. you can watch it here.


the charlatan who is fed up with his ads on video site, calls himself a mentor, a money trap.


you are locked in the same room as hitler and tai lopez, with a gun and two bullets, he is the person i would shoot twice if they said who you shoot first. i'm so tired of scam videos on video site that for years aq....


while many of the videos he makes eventually get you to pay him in some way, the things he says can be truly inspiring. the videos he shares on video site are usually 1-2 hours long and the man has something to say all the time, it's impossible not to be impressed. i definitely find it worth following.


the shit bag "scam artist" i thought was resurrected on video site... he started to come out every minute and he started to stop again. i'm pissed off again... and he gives me advice like "the doctor is actually not really necessary"... thank you bro, you put my mind at ease


saw this name in the comments section of a fitness video on video site. the wiki the page has not been added either. the person i can't find information about in the.


he is a person i agree with most of his words but find repulsive. paying the money and showing up after every utube video is the main reason for this. pray adblock has not come to microsoft edge yet.


video site/watch?v=vqtfyuednfo h3h3 visited this at his home, followed by an army of lawyers at home.