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place where you can buy fakes for cheap. kolpac's kaaba, forger's prostration... the donkey's dick is whatever, i couldn't show a mystical approach in the last analogy..


they say there used to be a wooden castle here. when it was destroyed, its name remained "tahtakale". it's totally a lie, the name of this place comes from taht-el-kalaa. that means "under the castle", since it used to be at the bottom of the walls, its name remained like that.


it is the market where products made in china are distributed to all of the country. the sad thing is that the tradesmen who undertake this distribution are the types who will not give a place to anyone in the nationalist conservatism. (see: money has no religious faith) (see: religious faith is money)


like many other things in istanbul, you can find fakes for the cheapest here.


interesting place with walkman stalls at the end of the 90's. we were following the new walkman models at that time, we knew every feature of them, we used to exchange the old one for a dead price and buy the new one, just as we are madly renewing mobile phones today. for repairs and spare parts, we used to follow the shopkeeper from time to time and go to the corner shops at the bottom of the dark office buildings. we saved the good ass at a young age.


my child, if you are obsessed with being sluggish, anti-social or something, give it a try, a shopkeeper will open for a month here. then he comes home and remembers your mother, that's another


disgusting thief bed. how bad one feels that one has to give 100 million dollars to 'buy' the stolen car stereo back. 'buy a new one, brother, it'll cost 300 dollars', the spoiled guys say. i wonder how much he gives to the children who get into the car - 5 million i guess, at most 10.

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