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it's the series that i like, except that oona chaplin's exemplary ugliness herself is brought into our eyes by being chosen as the main woman. repentance estagfurullah what kind of face is that.


seems very solid. --- spoiler --- leaving your legacy to your enemy's enemy to avoid the danger of being killed by your enemy ... --- spoiler --- taboo-breaking series.


excellent series. i definitely don't understand people who don't like it. tom hardy is on another level already but the other actors are great too. brace, (see david hayman) sir stuart strange, (see jonathan pryce), godfrey, (see edward hogg) atticus, (see stephen graham) --- spoiler s01e07 --- geoge chichester: i believe in justice . james keziah delaney: you say you're a rationalist. what kind of rational man believes in justice? --- spoilers01e07 ---


it's a series that makes me feel like batman. whether it's the relationships of james and his housekeeper, whether james has lived far away for years and returned, whether he's the type that gives out money to anyone who comes in front of him, what is the man, if not the 19th century bruce wayne. how about he roaming the streets at night with his black suit and giant hat? let's make jonathan pryce also carmine falcone, that transvestite friend will not get his love back and will turn into a joker in three episodes, wait for the horse fava.