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umut unal's latest film. in the main menu, there is the drama of womanhood. it is served in the states of the country, the stuck, the hometown. the detective structure in the background prevented the film from sagging. all blended with umut unal's artistic identity, and a masterpiece that never bores, does not overlook and even shows that the problem can be told by entertaining. the actors are very talented, moreover, they are balanced with each other. no one is shouting, there is no blaring music in the background. colors, sounds and even shadows added depth to the film.


it is the film that won three awards in the national competition section of the 37th istanbul film festival. congratulations. best actress - (see: defne evgar) best screenplay - (see: umut Ünal) best editing - (see: osman bayraktar) note: do not watch the movie on an empty stomach.