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funny french movie originally called "diner de cones"..


the play, which was started to be staged in april 2009 by the actor crew. play gardenlievler municipality is presented to the audience free of charge* on the new stage. it is a game that should not be missed to laugh to the fullest.…r_detay.asp?tur=20 and id=148


(see: the union of whites)


francis weber play to be performed by yildiz stage at ytu auditorium today.


it is a nice game that has been adapted into a movie. the movie is from 1998. it was shot in a theatrical style. is too much honesty considered stupid? it can also be a nice topic to discuss after watching the movie.


persian play to be performed by yıldız stage today and on thursday, december 14 at the ytu auditorium.


i watched the movie version, it was absurd and very entertaining. even though you are very angry with the character of barry throughout the movie, you also get attached to the character. steve carell played a legend. recommended.


it is the last play played at the afyon municipality city theatre. it was beautiful. it was short. the taste remained in my palate. edit: wrong word