tabby cats having m on their foreheads

tabby cats having m on their foreheads

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This is something that makes me so happy for no reason. I feel like all tabbies are superheroes when I think of the existence of that letter "m". When I see a tabby walking down the street, I say lets call you "michelangelo" or something like that and have fun with myself.


My daughter also has it, but I never thought it was in all of them.


It is the letter m that can be seen not only in tabby but also in single-colored cats when looked carefully. It appears as a shadow due to the difference in the direction of hair growth in single-colored ones.

or this

When the cat is asleep, it looks like an open eye, which makes it look like he/she is not sleeping.


those sweet nibbles are a little 'maniacal.'
It's a sign that they are, of all cats,
closest to the temperament of their older relatives. they are the most agile, the most hunterlike, the fastest.


It is a condition that can only be observed in real tabbies. mine has three:one brown, one gray and one yellow "m".

even this
such as this

It is rumored to be the sign of mother Mary.
mary, after giving birth to the baby Jesus, couldn't warm the baby. finally she asked the animals for help. only a mulberry tabby was able to stop the shaking and put the baby to sleep.
mother mary kissed cats forehead.