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i am the pasha of the cats, the sultan, the lion, the love bug, my love tabby. we are in great love, only with him, but (there are 7 cats in the house) i love all of them very much, they also love me, but my tigger loves another. the opposite is dirty, he is a great hunter, take a baby tabby, be the love of your life. my dear kitties.


although they have the characteristics of tiny tigers, they are animals that can be very delicate. among my ten cats, the most noble one in terms of character (does not go to the table, does not touch the food, does not do dangerous work, does not damage things, has excellent toilet etiquette) was a tabby. but this princess suffered from all kinds of allergies and contagious diseases throughout her life. this was my cat who went to the vet the most, and at the age of ten and a half he said goodbye to me from cancer, leaving a void that will never be filled. watch out for tabbies, they are delicate...


the image is so sweet.


english tabby cat.


visuals are such cute creatures that you sometimes want to bite their tiny paws as in the image. i have read statements that especially the 3-colored ones are more active and mischievous. mine are generally calm i guess because my own calmness has been reflected in them since they were babies.


don't know if it's always just me, but it's like tabby cats are the friendliest and most fond of petting themselves. for example, it seems like the sarmans are generally vicious, the tricolors are irrelevant, the black and whites are timid, maybe this is also not true like all generalizations.

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