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a film that i believe will add a lot to educators as a teacher. it is a film that makes you laugh at times, fills your eyes at times, and time passes while you watch.

also, aamir khan, you are extremely cute thing.


first of all, i am very happy to be able to watch this movie without dying and i think everyone who watches it thinks that way. how did that little boy understand that role and convey it well enough to work inside us. could every movement and transference of emotion be sweet? then those music, that colorful world, the depression of the child in that world, that depressed mood and its reflection, those pictures, oh my god! it also raised the awareness of the audience very well.



after watching the movie, it is the movie that makes us say that we do not have this mentality. he is a little kid in ishaan, but how he was an actor, he made us miserable.


--- spoiler ---

one of the most beautiful scenes in the painting contest was a kind of adjustment scene by showing despotic teachers who decide where the students will sit in the lesson, by showing their students where they will sit.
--- spoiler ---


although i mainly watch drama in terms of film genre, very few movies made me cry. this movie is one of them. i am one of those who knew aamir khan with his 3 idiots movies and then i watched his other movies and came to the conclusion that his best movie was “taare zameen par”.

darsheel safary, aka * ishaan, exhibited near-perfect acting. he grabs it by your hand as the movie starts and puts it into the movie. the throat becomes knotty as the scenes pass. the swallowing gets harder and it puts the blow with the picture scene towards the finale.

a news story about dyslexia is a solid movie that keeps me informed and every teacher should watch.


a movie in which aamir khan produced, directed and acted. there is a simple story of a dyslexic student adapting to the 'normal' world thanks to his art teacher. but the kids are so sweet, aamir khan is always nice despite that short, the songs are good, the animations are great cry warning audience: i need lots of handkerchiefs.


the film in which a certain part of the education faculty formation courses are taught as a course. every child is special. every child should be educated according to their abilities. it was described so beautifully ...


even those who say "it is not possible to watch an indian movie" make him watch it. i've watched two indian movies so far, and what they both have in common is that they were made by aamir khan. i should not say what this man did in an indian movie anyway. this guy, who is educated in the usa, manages to do things above bollywood standards. man knows how to enter a vein. it is a movie that both makes you laugh and laugh. though it should not be regarded as a movie.


although the scenes with the family and others who do not realize the child's discomfort are very long, it is an impressive movie even if you watch it knowing that someone will notice it in the end. especially the second half is very beautiful. if you are a teacher or a mother at the same time, you are also happy with every success of the child. you can understand his timid stance while everyone is applauding him.

watch, increase your awareness.


the beauty that made me increasingly a bollywood and aamir fan.
(see every child is special)


as in this movie, if we enter a class you attend for the first time - and as a substitute teacher - with a magnificent musical, there are many principals who will fall into our mouth.


the guys played ronaldinho who worked so hard.

joking aside, it is a movie that should be watched by classroom teachers as a lesson.


it is a movie that shows how important education and attention are while we are sabotaging people like ahmet teacher.

i finished a toilet paper.

come see, i didn't even shit.


a wonderfully beautiful movie. i, who stayed as distant to indian movies as possible, wondered if they were wrong? i could not stop myself from thinking for a long time. it's such a beautiful movie.


one of aamir khan's beautiful movies. like some who watched 3 idiots movies, i had a request to watch aamir khan movie afterwards. i watched as i came from work in 3 days. i cried inward as my housemate was at home.


sometimes, when the cinema conversation is opened, you are asked "what are your favorite movies?" maybe you liked many of them very much, but some will hit you! right in the middle of your forehead! pierces through! trace remains. your movie, your music, your lines. this movie comes after the sentence of "my favorite movie" as soon as you watch it.
when it comes to bollywood, most of us think of girls with henna and dances or something. it is harder to shatter the obvious prejudices than the atom. smash it for this movie. and be a fan of bollywood. let this movie be your beginning. then watch black then browse for bollywood stop.
one is sad to even write so few entries about it. just because it's unknown ... it's a bit of a long movie, but it's worth every moment.

you will see the enormity of the children's heart ...


it is the movie in which the boy who plays the character of ishaan is very successful. * it should also be followed by every faculty of education student, even lecturers.


it has an ost of number 10.

it is both like the indian music we know and not.


the movie that shines this year at the filmfare awards, considered bollywood's oscar;
aamir khan is the best director, the film itself is the best movie, the big-toothed cute little boy in the bass role darsheel safary received the best actor award from the critics ..
an atypical bollywood product that is grossly watched.


the film is about the things not done for the little one with dyslexia and the teacher who realizes this and brings her back to life. people who say "i am an educator" and constantly criticize the system should definitely watch it. i think it should go even further and have it watched in all education faculties.


the movie of those who can see the boa constrictor that swallowed the elephant


the movie in which aamir khan did wonders again. how the subject works, ishaan's imagination is a movie worth watching, especially teachers should watch.

--- spoiler ---

ishaan's inability to write words, constantly scolding his teachers and being expelled from the lesson. nobody doing anything to this kid. his life changed after his family gave him to boarding school. aamir khan understands that the boy has dyslexia and teaches him. the child learns everything as a result. i was so touched by the fact that ishaan was the winner at the art fair in the last days of school as a result of his wonderful painting. if there were really such teachers at school, if he could understand every aspect of the student. it would be nice if he did not insult directly or say out, slap. i have no word on aamir khan's acting, i got to know him late and i'm still trying to get to know him. so glad that i have you.

--- ---


she rocked bollywood with the line "every child is special".


it is one of the impressive movies of aamir khan, where i got to know aamir khan.

it is also one of the movies that parents who mistreat their children should watch. there should not be a rule in this world that everyone will be a doctor.

it strikingly reflected how the ignorance of teachers and family shapes a child's life.

i also saw with this movie that there are a lot of common words between turkish and hindi. such as: father, world, excuse.


after watching the movie that made me want to cry by hugging aamir khan.


they said like stars on earth, but it is more fun to say taare zameen par.

if you like english with both animation and indian accents like me, it is sure to be a lot of fun.
besides, it's hard not to love the little one with that silly type, it was both a realistic and a funny movie, i wish all dyslexics were so lucky.


very beautiful aamir khan movie that i just got to watch. the lonely man has a problem with education.


i don't usually want to write anything about such great movies. i think the more i describe it, the more it will escape and i know that whatever i write, words are less.

that's why i'm content with just saying "follow".


aamir khana olan yoğun ilgimden dolayı mı bu filmi beğendim bilemiyorum. henüz ayrımına varamasam da şu kafayla diyebilirim ki çok güzel bir filmdi. bir çocuğun hayatının içine nasıl edilir çok acıklı bir şekilde anlatıyor. ağla ağla bir hal oldum o kadar yani.


the movie that i watch with my fourth grade students and that fills my eyes every time i watch it. masterpiece!


it is again a very impressive aamir khan movie. it is the third khan movie i watched after 3 idiots and fanaa and each one is more beautiful than the other. as long as our horizons are on hollywood, it is inevitable that we miss such movies.


very very good movie. many years after watching buddha as sharm foru rikht, i have never experienced such an intensity of emotion in one movie in another. i laughed, was sad, cried. there is a lot of it… there is a child character like buda as sharm foru rikht's child hero baktay. its name is ishaan. you will love this boy. and you will have watched a movie that will last your life, think and learn many things about children and life. make sure that ...


makes people cry for years. net. what's possible not to cry when crying aamir khan already.


it was the movie i watched with crying .. i experienced all the troubles we had about my brother's diksexual. a movie that i recommend to watch for anyone who starts their career as an instructor ..


as a dyslexic, you will have reached my life when you change only 4 elements a little.
it was not very enjoyable as a movie as i guessed what would happen when watching most of his scenes.
of course, it is also a different situation to watch most of the things i normally do by another dyslexic.


those who do not watch this movie should not graduate from the education faculty. there is a lot for prospective teachers in this film.


i said to my indian friend at work, what does this middle word mean. floor said. so the ground you know. tare means stars. netekim means sitare stars in ottoman turkish (from persian). it has a meaning like when the stars land on the ground.
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