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sylvanas windrunner

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an elf girl with a sad story.


it is the boss of the undercity in world of warcraft, but when you go to it, you will see it jumping every once in a while.. it is not clear whether it is the boss or the cheerleader..


may my lord be our assistant and helper.


in this game, after thrall, the character i trust the most is vol'jin. he also said in his last moments: "the spirits have granted me clarity. a vision. they whisper a name. many will not understand. but you must step out of the shadows and lead!. you must be warchief." that's what's happening right now. "many do not understand." but we trust the vol'jin chief. because he did not trust sylvanas himself, and he gave this task to him. it has a virtue. don't talk too much to banshee queen, you'll end up being an ass.


the newly added hero to heroes of the storm. some dota 2 players insult the banshee queen by commenting as "drow ranger". the message from blaze: it has not been added yet, it will be added.


actually a cool faction leader lady , her family members were either lost or killed, normally she was serving as a ranger general but she became like this when she was killed by the arthas ox, i'm sorry, you can see her hate even when you say "arthas". our banshee queen's strongest and most laughing line is "where is ogre headed buffoon?"