sweet potato

sweet potato

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compared to potatoes, it is dark in color, with a dark crust, tuber, thinner and longer... it is a sweet root... it is eaten by boiling and it is super delicious like chestnuts... ..


mrs. andersson* would cook. thanks to our childhood we spent trying to imagine what it was like. we couldn't decide if it was sweet or salty... small, chubby oxyura: momeeee, you make sweet potato pie* too... mom: (where does she learn such nonsense)


a type of vegetable that i wonder why it is not or cannot be cultivated in the country (even if it is, why is it being put on the domestic market at prices like sleeves)?


this food, which i saw in loui and wondered about, and even craved without knowing its taste because it contains the "sweet" element in its name, and regretted for years if we saw it somewhere else or if we could find the recipe for it, this food is not a dessert made from potatoes as we know it. sweet potato is a type of potato, it looks like an orange potato on the outside but resembles a pumpkin when cut... so the sweet potato has found its place among my childhood delusions.


a strange vegetable that tastes and looks the same as boiled zucchini dessert


edible fries, great mashed potatoes, very nutritious food. although the vegetable we call potatoes is very good in every way, it doesn't matter with fiber or without fiber. for example, if i were a vegetable, i would like to be a potato. it can be used in every dish, mashed, fried, boiled, baked, it is delicious in every way. it's a cool vegetable. anyway... it's also very important that sweet potatoes are fiber-free. otherwise you may feel something like nylon in your mouth while you eat, but not to the extent that it is uncomfortable.


the food that we learned from the cartoon life with louie and wondered about its taste for years.