swearing in spanish

swearing in spanish

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it is a set of words that the spaniards do not count among themselves as swearing, bad words or shame. for example, in a supermarket, any woman who does not have a coin at the checkout can instantly start saying "me cago en tu madre*.. me cago en tu cara*", don't stare with your mouth open.


que te fallen: gotunu s.kerim, when you say these curses to a spanish person, they will lie on the floor laughing because of their pronunciation mistakes rather than getting angry. they even call their friends and hold the phone in your hand and say 'say him too say him too'. then you will understand the beautiful torture you have done to my dear tourists for years. no, especially they have a taste to call their gay friends and have them say 'que te fallen maricon', these guys have a taste for you, and the man you're talking about screams jajajaja, what an interesting yahu


the swear words that the teacher taught us last year in the class and said "you will hit your desk when you say it in an angry way"... these words do not look like swearing in terms of tonality.


maricon: fag


guarra: bitch mariquita: fag


(see de puta madre)


in the distinguished game resident evil 4, the character is a type of swearing that you can hear a lot because the character is fighting with some very angry villagers in the basque region of spain. even here: (see #15247334)


it is not as effective as a german profanity.