suspension of teaching staff postings

suspension of teaching staff postings

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most of the research assistant postings are published on the condition that they have a master's degree. there should be a formula for phd students. still, don't say that i don't recommend it, try your luck guys. but since the exams of the universities coincide with the same day, you may have a chance to try 1-2 times.


hello, my academic staff, there was a traveler's wage, and now they have removed it, we even buy our toner and paper ourselves. they brought something called austerity measures. if they could, they would cut their salaries, friends, the government ran out of money. in most departments, they send research assistant doctors to class in order not to assign staff to anyone. don't expect a squad for a while, unless you're with a very large torpedo. that's a while the next four years.


there hasn't been a single post for months. i do not understand whether these universities do not need any, moreover, there is no specific date. in the personnel department mentioned above, there are no research assistant postings. anyone who has information on the subject, please green it.


thanks to the number of newly opened universities, i was surprised by the title. the application deadlines on the site are generally stated as 27 july. unfortunately, i cannot share information about the number or the general situation because i am not familiar with the subject.


there is almost none for the research assistant, i can't find it, i don't understand, who knows, please green it up.


i guess the ads are only published in the official newspaper


this is the situation i support, i am waiting for it to be closed in the continuation of the universities, do you think those who do not have a torpedo will be able to hold on to a place in the academy? i would write that you are on the wrong track, but there is no one in the country who is on the right track anyway....

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