surp pırgiç armenian hospital

surp pırgiç armenian hospital

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the hospital where the most smiling doctors i have ever seen work.. besides, it is both very clean and calmer than many other hospitals.. also, its garden and building are perfect for a clip for gothic metal bands*.. ps: there is an angel sitting in the consultation in front of the internal medicine department. the most beautiful thing you can see in a hospital..


the dermatology and ophthalmology department is always crowded. i think serkis barış, a dermatologist, has become a folk legend in istanbul. itself; he is one of the few idealist doctors who have a humane approach to his patients, openly speaking about the subject that is not his area of expertise, directing you to another specialist doctor, prescribing the most affordable drugs that will solve your disease in the fastest way, instead of prescribing the drugs of the institutions he has agreed with.


in its garden, there are circular pools about two meters in diameter and colorful fish swimming in it. especially for people with eye treatment, these beauties are lined up on the road like a bonus on the way to the exit door from the eye clinic.


the the-armenian distinction may be in the morgue, but it is not exhibited either in the hospital or in the attitudes of the doctors. he made me wonder if there is a different application in the morgue. if you want to know:


today, after witnessing a speech in the form of the armenian hospital, excuse me; i expect our state not to be idle and to take steps to eliminate the grievances of citizens in this regard. (bkz: surp pirgiç excuse me armenian hospital)


in addition to many good doctors, dermatologist dr. the hospital that has serkıs barış. it is a large hospital that takes good care of patients. there is also a museum inside the hospital. although this museum has always been a secret for me, a friend of mine told me that it is a museum lined with armenian household items, furniture and carpets. the hospital is directly visible from the kazlıçeşme train station, it is a dirty cream colored stone structure. it has a large garden.


the hospital, where the binder department is better than the public bus while the other parts are quiet, where people oppress each other and new skin problems arise while crushing each other.. i can't help but add the relaxing atmosphere of the inner courtyard. i think the secret of the success of the binder department is to wait in line for 3 hours in this calm and beautiful courtyard. the skin problems of those who find peace in the courtyard are already in the process of passing by themselves..