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sureyya beach

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beach volley tournaments are also held here. it is also the district that makes me feel old as i remember that i had been swimming at that beach..


this name reminds me of a young father walking on the beach with his son in both hands; for some reason, i always remember us as a silhouette from behind, even though i am in that picture. we used to go by train, there was a yellow beach, the sea was blue, we were children, we were very cheerful (see: being a kid in the 80s) maybe (see: being a kid in the 70s) maybe (see: it was a long time ago)


the name of the district, located between idealtepe and maltepe in istanbul, was named after one of the most beautiful beaches before istanbul was engulfed in it. at the moment, the dome-shaped architectural structure located in the parking lot of wonderland, mc donald's and of course burgerking on the coast road was actually quite open before the sea was filled. probably there is a historical connection with sureyya cinema too...


every time i see it, it is the place where i say "i wish the coastal road had not been built, i wish i could swim from here like my mother". today, there is no beach left, but a sea that is entered from the rocks where dirty streams flow. it is the best example of how heaven is destroyed and a system is established according to robots.


the beach, which still exists when i was little, was pretty attractive with walls pictured with swimsuits, girls in bikinis, etc.


in the 1950s today


beautiful and quiet neighborhood where i lived from the age of 6 to 14, and now i am preparing to return at the age of 26. one of the most enjoyable places to live on the anatolian side.