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it is fixed with examples that the more bread, the more meatballs is a company that works with the principle


not a farm bank :)


the company that i was wondering about how to sell used cars. if anyone knows if i can buy a second hand car with no down payment, i'm just a message away.


in 1992, i entered the renault spring brand car from this company in the group of 10 and bought my car in the 4th month. at that time, they were in a modest place in the form of 3 rooms on the 4th floor of an inn on the street in umraniye bazaar. they were honest. the price of the car was 60,000,000. i paid them 1.600.000 tl and bought them in 6.000.000 installments. attention they were honest back then...


a 20-year-old company that specializes in home and car trade, working like an interest-free banking system. i am afraid that it is a pyramid scheme and that one day this chain will break.