surah an-nisa verse 24

surah an-nisa verse 24

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it is a phrase in which muslims, who changed the hadiths they did not like, now interpret the verses according to their own minds and try to reveal a humanistic religion in their own way. also, women were definitely better in arabia before islam than they were after. at least there is an example like hatice. in addition, there were women in the Quraysh tribe who had a loud voice. "get a nice dick just because a woman can't support herself economically and protect herself" is a really good logic.


the verse defended by the enemies of humanity who can claim that there are women who are looking for a new husband when their husband is murdered in the morning.. you are good at finding a cover for every coin. i wish your father had worn that cover.. edit: the one who ratts this off as gg can't get enough of wrestling.. i have nothing more to say..


the verse defended as "a verse. the war broke out. it's over. the women remained. where are we? in the middle of the desert". just like you said, it is a verse suitable for the desert life of arabia in the 620s. but we are in 2013...


butterfly of love. the surah that is claimed to contain an arrangement made with women in mind, when the religion of islam at that time, when none of them could make a living and be able to protect themselves. in this case, it means that the first wife, hatice, was not a wealthy merchant. interesting.

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