surah al-inshirah

surah al-inshirah

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inshirah: to open up, to expand, to rejoice. it must come from the same root as the annotation. "my aunt died, forty has just come out, the dead tell the best stories, the stories told by the dead are like surah al-inshirah." didem madak - drafts (see: ah'lar tree/@ibisile)


thank you for meeting such a certain time. it is like medicine to the person who is looking for himself. it is such a medicine that it will console you. will never leave you alone. it takes you from the deep darkness to the light. thank god.


i cry every time i listen to it or read it. there is hope, there is always. this is the most beautiful. you know even in the most difficult moments, your lord will help you. it will definitely make it easier. you must not despair. don't forget.


have been reciting this surah in my dreams for 2 nights, which i do not remember if i memorized it in my childhood, but it has never been heard in my ear for many years. when i woke up in the first morning, i was wandering around saying, "god, what is this, i was speaking arabic in my dream, why?" when i typed elam neşrah on google, i found that there was such a surah. it is interesting that i am now reciting this surah, which i thought i had not memorized in my childhood. it was really weird.


even though i read a little out of habit, which always connects me to life in my bad moments and comforts me as i read after the verse, there is an ease after every difficulty it contains. the verses, get up, get tired and turn to allah, relax me, really refresh me, make me believe that i will not feel so bad all the time, because allah'