super fresh pizza

super fresh pizza

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i fed it to my child without tasting it. i tasted the remaining slices.. now i feel guilty about why i fed them...


i'm eating the newly released slim pizza right now. and i say don't buy it, avoid it, stay away. it's a pizza that has turned even a pizza monster like me into such a sullen face! if it's called pizza :(


pizza with extremely bad taste. i'm sick to my stomach, don't buy it.


just pizza with dough. likewise, the person has to fill it himself.


pizza king 4 pack is good. however, pizza king's medium size pizza, which corresponds to 6 slices, is not that successful, at least if you compare it to its price, it is not successful. a 4-piece pizza is 10 liras, a medium single pizza is 10 liras. when you look at the weight and, accordingly, the type and number of ingredients, a 4-piece pizza is still preferred. i'm posting a photo of pizza king xtra super size unpack, see if you like it. pizza king extra super boy


(see: dr oetker ristorante pizza)


today i bought 4 small pizzas for 15 liras because i was curious about the taste. i was disappointed as soon as i opened the package. 3 parts sausage, 3 parts soudjouk, a small amount of cheddar and an olive divided into 3 parts. these are the materials. i honestly regretted buying it. don't take advice from me unless you have to.


it's terrible.