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he is the author of the lines that i was hit when i read "we are like two rails, the last station, what does it matter if the same train track is close". other.


the man who locked the prime minister for 40 minutes. the prime minister can't breathe, stop answering. sunay akin even raises his hand and arm in the meantime, almost giving a lesson in manliness while the big ministers stand bowed in front of the governors.


" so what, would you love me if the daisy had one more leaf "


in the name of freedom, the white man erected a giant statue of a woman on the shore of the eastern sea and captured the stars, under which we dance every night, as a flag, on a piece of cloth ... the white man symbolized justice, like freedom, with a statue of a woman, but the poor woman holding the scales in her hand was blindfolded. she couldn't see who the rapist was sunay akin


if the prime minister cannot positively dissuade this feeling of stubbornness and revenge, then there is nothing left to do. someone who is not affected by sunay akın, who does not feel his humanism, has blood in his eyes. must be filled with hatred. resist sunay akın. resist great poet, writer, human.


the story that there are judges in berlin, which he had just told about the relationship between law and literature in young view, was very beautiful. especially the ending was great. we left his poetry, we left his work altogether. i don't think it has the right to be criticized at the "he talks too much" level. nice man my dear.