suddenly stopping using antidepressants

suddenly stopping using antidepressants

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these are drugs that should not be stopped suddenly. is fixed by experience. my wife for years. uses these drugs. he suddenly decided to quit, saying that he could do it with his own will twice. both were bad enough to be almost hospitalized.

when the doctor permits, it should be done under his control, by reduction and over a long period of time.

the wrong decisions you make during the manic or depressive episodes of the disease can put you in greater trouble. let me say oh


don't do that! it was mid march, i think i suddenly quit 20 mg of cipralex. i'd rather quit, somehow i was saying i don't need it, at that time i forgot to drink for 3 days. i looked amazing, i said huh, so i quit. after a week, i turned into a crisis junkie. not psychologically but physically i felt his serious deprivation. dizziness, feeling like a punch to the stomach all the time, knees suddenly draining, and so on. i said i would solve the deprivation with alcohol, i do not need to say the result .. my lips were electrified at last. these problems took 2.5 - 3 months to resolve. shit in my mouth, i regret it. don't eat this shit without asking your doctor.

drug groups that are most inconvenient to stop at once:

noepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (strattera, reboxetine etc.)
snri - effexor, cymbalta
alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonists (remeron)
gaba agonists (xanax, lyrica etc.)
monoaminoxidase inhibitors
tricyclic antidepressants


i have a few small and important recommendations.
1) don't use antidepressants according to your mind
2) again, don't stop using antidepressants according to your mind.
3) what is (see withdrawal syndrome)? how to stop antidepressant therapy, research them well

do not even research, contact your doctor or pharmacist


is stupid. what your doctor says must be done.


it brings a sudden restart.


two years ago, when i was using lamictal cymbalta and modiodal, i committed suicide in the first week by quitting. for introduction, development, and result (see # 29633425)

you go right into this brain cunt. it carries in front of you how many files that start to be cleaned with the effect of drugs or have been thrown into the junk folder by brain.dll. be, no matter how bad things have happened to me, where there are people with cock and shovels all entered my life, i fuck i don't play. though the diagnosis i was given was bipolar disorder. i do not know if it gives the same effect in schizophrenia or advanced depression diagnoses.

if you want to recover without taking medication, psychotherapy and suggestion will work if you can. just as you started taking medications under doctor's control, you should stop with doctor's control. has bad consequences.

(see: i lived there i know)


the drug that should be stopped in 1 month is not left in 1 day.


putting on foods that help release serotonin when you stop taking antidepressants may help


when you are sleep deprived for 24 hours, you lose your head, or you get that same feeling. do not make a mistake like cutting out of nowhere.


bızzzztt .. bızzzt .. bızzzzztttt .. your body may be electrified, do not panic, it will pass. but of course it is the right thing to reduce it.


i use low doses for short term, somehow i do not have any discomfort, and it is the situation that hits my healthy body. even though the drug doesn't work, quitting suddenly triggers incredible anxiety and panic attacks. do not cut it for a crack.


i left my antidepressant journey that started with passiflora as a result of familial traumas since middle school. the idea of ​​being addicted to something definitely reminds the idea that the problems you have in your mind and heart are permanent and that you cannot overcome these problems. so i stopped using all of them. i swam on the edge; i did sports, i tried to relax my mind and body. i am 29 years old i drink chamomile or balm tea when i feel extremely constricted. i just drink one insidone if i can not stand it (three times a year at most). i do not recommend using antidepressants for anyone. stay away from people, watch things that will increase your mood, listen.


it was always said that this act was very harmful by both my doctor and my environment. i started with one antidepressant first, then it went up to two. and one day i realized that i'm getting addicted. of course, one day that i said i noticed was in the second year of my start. i quit both of them on the same day and didn't drink for another year and a half. my new doctor, who said that even though i did not see any harm, this also had an effect on my stomach discomfort that appeared later, gave me an antidepressant again. i used it for a month and then decided in a day and quit. because i did not want to live with these drugs. i said to myself, better not relax my head with them. especially because i started to feel that the walls were coming on me if i didn't take my medicines for 2 years. is it such a relief?

i do not know if there is any harm in quitting, but i left it alone because i believed in myself. let alone my shaking hands, i never even thought of the drugs again. i believe i am turning it into benefit even though it is harmful. because there is no such thing as i can start these drugs and get better in 1 year. you start one, it is going very well, laughter and comfortable sleep tempt you, then that medicine starts to not be enough, you put another one on the head, and after very comfortable days, the same vicious cycle continues with it.

i did it twice. result: the first time minor, the second time major depression.

absolutely not to be done action. especially when your spirits are shitty, you can give fatal errors, mazallah. all the emotions you suppress; pain, fear, worry, happiness, joy all burst in your face. you fall apart. then you become such that you look at the 20 boxes of medicine that you printed with the report, to swallow them all at once.

he tends to suicide with a moment of disregard. already, it is the time to get used to the drug itself. if you quit at once, you will experience 5 times the difficulties of that period of time. no, i did, i know this idiocy from there. i scared my family, i was afraid of what i could do myself. so i did it, you guys don't do it. release it slowly. relax relax...


the method that can be applied by those who want to cause the greatest torment around as soon as possible.

don't do it, folks, pity yourself, let's pity the people around you, the antidepressant won't suddenly release.

the necessity of an antidepressant is the subject of another discussion, but if you have to use it, how to start with small doses and increase the dose over time, you should reduce the dose by reducing the dose under the supervision of the doctor and with the doctor's decision. otherwise, you will have to start people around you on an antidepressant.


it is a risky act that causes a family member who does this action from time to time to see his child as an enemy. the patient, who is already an impulsive person, releases the antidepressant the moment he wakes up, and for the next two weeks, the son who shares the house looks for a hole to hide. it also has a side effect of causing heavy words.


mind profit is not business. i have been using drugs for more than 10 years. there were times when i left it under the doctor's control and started again.
i went on vacation a month ago and forgot to take my medication with me. a few days have passed, i'm fine, no problem. let me leave it, i thought i can handle this myself, i'm fine anyway. i ate good shit
during this period, i was with my boyfriend, family and friends and i was never alone, i was very happy. when we returned, i was left alone with myself, that's when it started hitting. i suppose i suppressed things while there were others and constantly being sociable.
i feel terrible for days now. i have nervous breakdowns, sleep problems, constant crying spells while my eyes are open, and so on. i am constantly drying again, i am extremely unhappy, i do not want to do anything, but i also complain that i am not doing anything. i cannot make clear decisions, i am very unstable.
i will go to the doctor tomorrow and start again. unfortunately some of us have to use it for life. never do such a fool without consulting your doctor.


(see: extreme sports)


the event i did with family pressure, that i did not recommend to anyone. i have not experienced the effects of sudden quitting as heavily as the ones written here, since i use a weak drug that is usually given to children. my headache did not feel nauseous, but i still lived its effect for a few months, crying in human beings, at work, at meetings, etc. i even scolded the bosses how many times. and i regret my quitting from time to time, my family advises me to drink alcohol instead of medicine, it is better that i am an alcoholic. these are all bad examples, bad advice.

if the antidepressant you use makes you numb, go to the psychiatrist and tell you that you have this side effect and change your medication, but according to your calm mind, do not stop using the medication suddenly. when your mood improves thanks to drugs, you say "i am better, i don't need medicine anymore", i understand, but it is the medicine you use that gives that feeling. you will not recover until the doctor tells you that you are healed, you just think you are. don't do it.

chronic depression sport.


don't be stupid. if you have to use it for a while, spread it over time, reduce the dose and leave it. your doctor will recommend it that way.

investigate suicide cases. there is a considerable amount of antipsychotic, antiepileptic and antidepressant use in the history. you will be like goods if you leave suddenly. you become like a fish out of water.

even if you eat like an animal, sleep like an animal, or make love like an animal, the taste that will remain in your mouth will be flat. then you start saying why am i alive.


is the underlying cause of most suicide cases


some drugs are not a joke. let me give an example : i had a patient who had a stroke while using prednol tb. don't think every drug is parol, taking medicine is a serious business.