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if adriana lima came. -adriana lima is a metaphor, even if i don't like her- i want to marry you, but if you agree to move from suadiye to another district -outside the surrounding area- i would say to him; sie.


practically the starting point of the baghdad street. landmarks zara, vakko, old vakkorama, mado, gloria jeans, tgi fridays, aphrodite, again zara, feride gateway, egyptian. after all, you'll pass to the confused grocery district after 3-4 streets. but the main suadiye lies not on the street, but on the lower side of the street and the first 2 parallels above it, in the side streets, in the peace there. damn it, the fake blonde, perfumed, hairy white shirt car with open chest, expensive head, cheap dry crowd that fills this place on saturdays.


one of the reasons for saying "i'm glad i live on the anatolian side". it has many beautiful streets. especially the streets on the coast make you excited as if you've found a treasure, even if you've been walking through them for years. i think this is one of the factors that trigger nostalgia for the past. (see #17054806)


a person born and raised in suadiye has nothing else to want in this life. lived in heaven on earth.


an istanbul ferry famous for crashing into and sinking other ferries and other ships. the captain has a hobby of butting. if he can't find another ferry, he'll get on board at a pier. but nothing happens, as it is claimed to be enchanted, although it is the one with the highest probability of accident, it can be remembered as the most unsinkable one.*

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