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the game that i started playing after years to reload it the night before, calling it the pig of my fucking code, and to pass the 25th episode. i passed this part with my chicken right years ago, but i guess i couldn't digest the defeat. my subconscious exploded after 4 years. i hope i will pass this time.


it is a game in which mercenaries are present. the fact that feudal lords buy arab soldiers with the taxes they collect and make them fight next to them reminds me of the repeat of history from the crusades to the first world war.


it was absolutely the best strategy game of all time. it had a system where you even set up making bread. it was the first game that brought very interesting points such as putting soldiers on the wall, piling on the roads, pouring oil from the head of the enemy.


like a book that you go back and read again, the game you will go back to and play... its people are a bit of a salesman, other than that it is a very solid game. it is even more realistic than age of empires. i also realized today, that the music in non-combat times makes even the dullest person quiver... also, if the actress is a woman, she can buy from different food groups so that the public can eat regularly. if an architect is trying to keep the city organized...


let me see the figure of the virtuous wazir fuck the ancestors of the nights that passed without you fuck richard, fuck the marshal, fuck the honor of the quarry, who is not good for me, fuck the fire hose of the fire brigade that gives water to the procession of the castles


it is a game that has not lost anything from its legend, played in 2018 as well. i can't get the pleasure out of this game from anything. maybe billiards.. no man stronghold crusader is better.