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it is an audiobook service originating in sweden and started to serve in the country by purchasing the "single kitap". the service operates on a monthly subscription basis. you get unlimited access for a fixed fee. the fee is currently 25 tl. one of the things i like the most is that besides the books, there are a lot of english audio books in their catalogs.


books are for reading, audiobooks are for relaxation. had to be known. know your place and don't tell the people what to do. i'm driving for an hour on my way to work, i'll take you with me and read a book to me. then i will delete the app. description: useful but needs improvement.


(see: #109874150) however, we used to download all the books and listen for a few years without paying. wow...


the company that needs to improve its interface. mobile interface is not fluent. there is no option to listen on pc or mac. other than that the idea is good. i think that the content will increase over time. but major deficiencies need to be corrected. by the way, if i was the head of spotify, i would consider entering this market. i would also dominate the audiobook market with an option such as an add-on package. if storytel can deal with publishers, it would be a piece of cake for spotify.


the two top men called a startup that has been serving in 20+ countries all over the world for years and has more than 1.3 million paid subscribers as a "deadborn application". dude, you know everything.