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--- spoiler --- the presence of gay couples expecting a baby at the end of the film added a special beauty to the film. --- spoilers ---


it is the movie that the wolf pack made a legend. "wolf pack! form of... wolf minivan!"


so sweet . it tastes good in pink cotton candy. nice animation. it was better than i expected. except that it's overdose cute. followed which is ( 7.5 /10 ) . plus the music is amazing. --- spoiler --- the scenes of the wolf pack were funny. babies are just beyond incredible sugar. the factory mass production scene is incredible. --- spoilers ---


(bkz: be the wolf pack plane)


it is a very entertaining 2016 film with a creative subject that is not cliché like all animations. the story, which started with the stork factory not delivering babies for a while, goes to completely different places. --spoiler-- the wolf pack will make you laugh out loud. --spoiler-- very entertaining, even if you start at this time, it will end before 12, i highly recommend it before monday syndrome.


as a big man with chubby, chubby baby storks and datlı storks, animation that i really like... i'll put it in 4th place after ice age, wall e and despicable me... go clear your head... i want those babies too! - spoiler tontisler you... they became a minibus :) --- spoiler ---


an excellent animation that appeals to adults more than children. it can be watched over and over again just for the scenes with the wolves.


exceeded my expectations. the characters are excellent and really sweet. as everyone says, the wolf pack takes every scene they are involved in to the next level, from the first to the last. on the other hand, although the story of the family told, it contains a lot of messages and the level of deer is high, it seemed a little emotional to me. (in a positive sense)