stone age diet

stone age diet

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i think it works better for women than men: (see fred) (see wilma)


i've done it. my stomach has shrunk, i've had manners, i don't even think about a lot of pointless food that i used to attack anymore. moreover, i had a full-fledged blood test while on this diet. there is no problem, i lost 2-3 more kilos, it's ok. leave weight aside, can there be a better benefit than removing sugar from the body?


a diet that a friend of mine made and visibly lost weight in a very short time. however, he said that he did not get enough carbohydrates and got nervous and went back to bread and pastry. (see: a friend's school)


everyone has written it, i'll write its story too. it's been 6 months since i started, i've lost 25 kg in total. while following the diet, i also did sports like crazy, so there is no obstacle to regular sports as it is thought. i am currently working with 110 kg on the bench press, which i barely did when i started sports.


diet where it is allowed to eat eggs with unlimited sausage but not to dip in bread, it is allowed to cook steak, chicken and fish recklessly, it is forbidden to put it between bread, like an elephant, it is allowed to drink water but not to pee. don't eat like a master, what are you talking about? if i eat 10 boxes of eggs a day and break five coils of sausage in it, how will i get enough without dipping that bread? damn this diet was a lie.


- today we are eating the stones that we polished from the earth


the diet i'm curious about its sustainability. because the purpose of dieting is not only to lose weight, but to change the way you eat and live a healthy life for life. in that case, does a) eating meat and not taking carbohydrates for life make the body roll over in the long run (for example, when you get old)? b) is it possible (practically) to try to eat meat and raw vegetables (as much as possible) for life? questions must be answered. also, finally, is the word balanced diet that has been spoken for so many years a lie? and of course there was such a thing as cholesterol, what happened?