stockholm syndrome

stockholm syndrome

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the syndrome, which is unwittingly processed in the films of nice cuneyt arkin, emel sayn, kadir believer, tarik akan and gulsen bubikoglu.


in short, it is the state of being kidnapped in love with the kidnapper. briseis' relationship with achilles is also a kind of stockholm syndrome.


(see: women's preference for pic instead of master man) (see: tendency to fall in love with failure types) (see: those who maintain the relationship despite bad behavior)


the state of falling in love with the kidnapper, hostage-taking "disconnected", even the event of not only falling in love, but also giving up, being a dog (see: world is not enough), (see: getting information out of nowhere).


a disease that needs to be renamed immediately. the country syndrome, ankara syndrome, melih gokcek syndrome etc. can be one of them.