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it is a financial asset that gives the buyer the right to receive a share of the profits and the issuer the right to use the funds until the liquidation.


(see: warren buffet). don't come to the stock market if you don't have the strength to watch your stock depreciate by 50% without panicking warren buffett


it is the most studied and researched investment tool. it is not earned by lying down like other investment instruments. it is necessary to strictly follow the global monetary policies, the explanations of the central banks and the balance sheets of the company you buy, and statistically evaluate and follow the technical analysis. but once you start following the world of finance, your political and economic awareness of the whole world increases. you start looking at the world from a different perspective.


the thing whose value decreases after buying and increases after selling. (see riddle)


"stocks are an investment tool for dervish investors who know how to be patient. there have been people who have made money by buying and selling stocks, but i have not witnessed many people getting rich. however, i have seen a lot of investors who know how to wait for years like a dervish with the right feeling are rich. it is impossible not to agree with warren bufffet, who said, "it was established to transfer money from the seller investor to the al-tutcu investor." - bülent topbaş


it is a valuable paper issued by joint stock companies and represents a certain participation share in the capital of the joint stock company, arranged in accordance with the legal form requirements. the amount written on the share is called the "nominal" or "nominal" value of the share, and the value that is bought and sold in the market is called the "fair" price.


although people sometimes think that type a and type b are available, it should not be confused with funds, funds have type a, type b, stocks do not... (see: edit brazen)


those who hold paper shares of companies listed on the stock exchange have to register these shares digitally with the central registry institution (mkk) until december 31, 2012. if you do not make this registration, you do not have any right to the shares you have.. it is worth paying attention..