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it made francis ngannou's mother cry, just as i expected. 3 referees gave 50-44 to miocic. according to the 4th round statistics, i think ngannou's strike count was "0" and stipe's was 82. once again, he silenced the adolescents who did not understand mma. a possible match with cain would be the most exciting match in ufc heavyweight history.


(see: and still)

he won the third match against dc and retained the heavyweight belt. he is the most underrated champion and also in my opinion, he never makes empty words, he just does his job, he is also a volunteer firefighter.

thanks to this win, it is certain that he is the best of all time in ufc heavyweight, but it is not spoken for the entire history of mma (see: pride never die)


as i expected in ufc220, he dominates ngannou, he is the worst man in the world. we saw today that if you get through the first round against this ngannou, it's hard to lose the match.

stipe became the first man in the ufc to defend the heavyweight title 3 times. did a great job.


croatian-american mma fighter who has won 5 of the last 6 matches with a fist knock out. he doesn't have a versatile and flamboyant technique, but he has punches that can finish the match every second and he uses this feature very well.

let the monkeys in the lower weights make a bonus, he put an embargo on the heavyweight championship like a lion.


what i don't understand in daniel cormier's title and here is that people don't feel complacent. miocic could have won this match in the first round as well. the vulnerability of dc's tactic was obvious. a contra technique and a technique that takes the cage superiority and responds to the jab. if miocic had not been obtuse, this match could have gone much shorter. #andagain


he just became the first man to beat daniel cormier in heavyweight.

he fought really well.
he was particularly rabid in the 4th round.

let's see if there will be game 3.


he narrowed the cage to ngannou in ufc220. good job.


it's like getting a good stick from francis ngannou on the ufc 220.
francis doesn't even look human next to stipe.