stay between two people

stay between two people

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love is not a state of balance. therefore, in such a case, one side will definitely outweigh. which is likely to always be more appealing. but it's all kinds of bad.


it is a situation that you will experience once in your life, but very firmly. you know, as they say, "may god not put the head of my enemy". such is the case. all your life you always question the other choice.


“if you are torn between two people, choose the second. if you really loved the first, the second wouldn't exist." (see: charles bukowski)


“if you are torn between two people; choose the second. because if you really loved the first, there wouldn't be the second." says; bukowski


if he loved it so much, he would have stayed in the first place, so my score is for the second.


i misunderstood the situation when i read the title. i was going to say that i always stay between my mother and father, but i think the title meant the male-female relationship. anyway, that's the case with me. i'm always torn between my mom and dad. my mother pulls me into the kitchen and complains about my father, my father pulls me into the living room and complains about my mother. very difficult situation. of course, your problem was worse, but believe me, this is bad too. but they are so cute.


it is a situation that cools both sides over time and engulfs that period of your life. even if giving up both is the clearest solution, if there will be a choice, perhaps the next person should be chosen, because if the first person was the right person, we wouldn't be looking for a second one or even see him. but as people who cannot give up their habits easily, we always stay on the first side and continue to regret deeply.