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i wish the card was smaller. if there is a barcode version, i would carry it with me. it gives 10% points, it gives life to the economy. oh, there are those who hum just because we're going to starbucks. friend, other cafes are more expensive, i swear. go out and have a look..


considering that fuel cards give 0.5%, 10% point rate is advantageous like animals. good reason to drop the diesel and drink coffee.


i'm looking for something against me in a working way about this card. you loaded your 25 liras, drank 2 tall drinks with pleasure, and over time you emptied the card. instead of filling the same card for the next time, you get a new card, you load 25 liras again, 2 drinks are free. i kept saying "how what?!" i'm walking around. as said, they don't charge for the card either. is their purpose to tie 25 liras? what is it?


those who understand a little about finance; they will see the disturbingly positive contribution of card use to their net working capital. why should i pay for the coffee i will drink in a month? it is a card that is stated to have a positive contribution to customer loyalty, but does not have any promotions other than a free coffee. i'm calling out to my brand manager friend who is interested in this issue, young financiers are uncomfortable, we don't eat them. edit: spelling.


it is the card that i can't convince myself about why i came to the gas today and bought it. i think i can trash it when it is reset to penny.


i am from ankara and i am a civil servant. my father was also a civil servant. i am a person who can shop for 50 tl to get a 5 tl bonus. this card was made for me. i have another real reason to love ankara.


you buy the card and load at least 25 tl.. the first time you spend after registering on the web, they give you two drink coupons as a gift.. then you spend 25 tl and drink two free drinks on top of it.. then you buy another card and load 25 tl. you register on the web again with a different name and get two more drink coupons.. you spend 25 tl again.. two more drinks are coming for free.. considering that a white mocha is 7.25, you can save 10-15 tl for every 25 tl starbucks spending. of course, is it worth the effort, you decide..


card-like campaign card that causes people to not be able to tell their problems. even the lexicographer said: "towards the end of the 5-balance balance, you buy a new card and load 25 liras", that is, if you use an exploit of two new drinks for each new card, that is, if you issue a new card each time, yes, then you can buy coffee for 25 liras with this logic. but this is campaign abuse and not something to do with a single card. starbucks card is a card-like type of card with a neat campaign and no income.

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