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recently went to the newly opened acıbadem akasya starbucks. a customer placed his order in front of me and handed me a setcard. starbucks officer said they could not get paid with that card yet. the customer said ok, let's cancel the order then, since he didn't have any other card or cash with him. the officer said no problem, let's have a treat and delivered the order to the customer free of charge. i mean, not only their coffee but also their business ethics are good.


the man sells filter coffee for 6 liras, uses free wifi for hours, allows you to sit and spread the twigs. some cocks say i drink my coffee elsewhere for 1/3 the price. they don't give the tip together for 2 liras, where do you drink filter coffee for 2 liras and let's go and spread it tasagi


coffee shop with no coffee for 15 liras. i don't understand where you go to starbucks. edit: if you have a la cimbali or a derivative pressurized steam machine worth about 10000 lira at home, you can of course make a starbucks coffee for three liras. oh, if coffee means nescafe, bon appetit for you. look, the new model is out; nescafe coco moko. go get it, drink it.


it is a coffee chain that does not sell coffee by force.