star wars episode vii the force awakens

star wars episode vii the force awakens

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am as excited now as i was when i was waiting for the first star wars movie to be released in 1979. no matter how the movie comes out, it will be worth experiencing the excitement. edit: friends, as i understand from the messages, some of you think that the 70s are the stone age or something. of course, the news of such important films was spread long ago. especially considering that the movies were released in the country with a delay of 2 years at that time, there is nothing normal for us to know beforehand. also your uncle is your father.


- spoiler


spoiler --- spoilers ---


is there anyone over the age of 35 who doesn't feel like they've seen an old friend when they see han solo and chebie at the end of this new trailer.. i swear i want to go and hug you.. i'm touched.. my childhood and all that wow


sw movie, which has already managed to create excitement. he seems to appeal to all walks of life with his black stormtrooper. (bkz: may the force be with you motherfucker)