star wars episode iv - a new hope

star wars episode iv - a new hope

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maybe the simplest but most sincere movie of star wars, which revolves around the axis of "rescuing the princess from the bad guys". the capture of the said "stormtrooper who hit his head on the automatic door" can also be seen here. (because the url above doesn't work) edit: this link is gone too. edit2: it's gone, it's not gone. edit3: link has been renewed. edit4: link renewed again.


considering that the date of the film is 1977, we can say that most of the elements that we find cliché in the film today were quite original ideas for similar films of those dates. (see: anachronism)


the movie that started the star wars saga is the simplest yet most beautiful movie of the series.


translated into the as a new hope. in a scene inside death star, one of the 4 stormtroopers who came to catch r2yu and c3po crashes his head into the auto-closing door very badly. it's funny.


when it was released in the country in 1979 with a delay of two years, the movie that hypnotized my eight-year-old person, who was watching from the back of the huge curtain of süreyya cinema, with the first scene of c3po. note: in star wars movies, no matter what anyone says, the most important element for me is still robots. if there are not enough robots or masked characters such as vader - fett - stormtrooper in a scene, that part of the movie inevitably becomes boring, my childhood trying to continue from where it left off rebels.