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(see: jo in sung) played with admirable ease. i had never seen a man in a movie before having a relationship with both a woman and a man. there is a lot of difference between drama korea and movie korea. the existence of gay royal movies like a frozen flower, the king and the clown etc. made me curious about the realism of the event.


with this film, we have seen that women can not only separate men and women, but also two are very bad women. . edit: spelling


gay-bisexual themed movie. might be the best movie i've ever seen. far east production. --- spoiler --- there is a gay king. he is building an army of children. when they grow up, the kids have a relationship with someone. the king has no children and that's why pressure comes from the upper empire. and the king is forcing the boy he fell in love with to have sex with the queen. anyway, these two are falling in love with each other. while they were making love in secret, the king caught them and had the boy castrated. in the end, the two fight each other and die. --- spoilers ---


a +18 korean movie showing that lust and love are very different from each other but with the same bitterness.