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i'm a pornography category sir. as we wish frozen nights from our broadcast center, we say that this is not a female orgasm, it is a direct golden shower, it is pissing in the middle of the living room. my lord, while giving the monopoly of orgasm to the woman with a 10-minute break, has given the private person the characteristic of messing up. don't believe it.


an interesting site residing at http://squirt.io/. first, you drag the link on the page and add it to the bookmark toolbar. then you click on this shortcut while the page you want to read on the internet is open. it passes the entire text on the page in one spot. in short, instead of following the text with your eyes, you look at the fixed point and the text passes before your eyes. it is very useful for people whose eyes get very tired while following the articles because of the pages of some internet sites or their colors. i've been using it for a while now i'm very satisfied.


(see: squirtle)


it is an event that makes men happy and proud as well


squirting (ejaculation, female ejaculation) is a sex thing that i really like. us girl's (whether female or female) squirt is both her own wild orgasm, the antithesis of female orgasm's invisibility, and a pleasure aid that will make the man think he's shit. i had been the only charlatan in the past. but he was also pissing off the donkey**, we would be cured of drying the bed. my god, protect you, my lord*.


flower tucci and cytherea are leaders in the porn world in this regard.


its the is fişkiye.


squirt=spring of pleasure