spoon position

spoon position

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when the body starts to get a little bigger, it gives way to the baker's shovel position.


the most peaceful position to sleep with my lover ...
but if the person is in the back, that is, the side that spooned, he can get erect unwillingly.

while rocco siffredi and his partner are in this position, the tablespoon position, while the 1.50-tall japanese couple makes the teaspoon position.

(see: there is no spoon)


the lying position where the man can annoy his lover by kissing his neck at any time, where it is most comfortable and enjoyable to feel the lover completely, the female individual can start making love as a result of the reaction of the male, and after the lovemaking can fall asleep peacefully together.


the arm becomes numb, blood accumulates in one half of the body. the lover's hair tickles the nose. but these are good anyway. this is the real thing. i sometimes read and laugh what is written here. you know, i don't know what to say, but i think those who explain it very brightly do not live. all of these things should be mentioned while explaining the spoon position. because if not told, they will compare their boyfriends with their fantasy heroes again. they will not be satisfied somehow. the same goes for sex. some women are waiting, waiting, hiding themselves for the man they love for years. creates a sex fantasy. construct it so perfectly that if you are at the seventh level of kamasutra, you cannot give that girl the sex you want.


it is one of the most beautiful ways of sleeping with a lover pure peace, an unbridled adrenaline rush from time to time.


feeling a person's heartbeat on your back ...


it is possible to see a good example in im juli. he tricked juli :"this is the most comfortable way to sleep, let's sleep like this".


the method of hugging that your lover's heart can align with your heart.

this is the position that best suits the spirit of love.


in this position, if the man is the side that grasps, especially if the woman's breasts are grasped with arms crossed, the climax of the sexual contact is reached.


it is a very nice position where you feel the man's breath on your neck, heartbeat on your back, penis on your butt
the man is alive, his heart is beating towards you and his dick is in place!


when the couples face each other, there is an abundance of arms in the middle. one's arm is of course crushed.