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there's no need to upload such creepy videos and put scary music under them, it's scary enough that his name is spiritual chint... i'm afraid if someone named spiritual chint uploads a smurf video again... i would change units if i were a colleague, i can't stay in the same room...


yutuber running with salt in hand everywhere there is a premium


do you have an entry visa to china? no do you have chinese no, do you have medical, biology or medical knowledge? no, no further comment needed.


or? now, they will infect the armenians with the coronavirus, and then these will come out again with the allegations of genocide. description: the valiant who sacrificed himself for us.


isn't this the attention bitch who showed up after a few days by making a show saying "i'm going to a deserted island, if you don't hear, i'm dead" and hanging around for a few days?