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special organization

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the old news agency, which produced fear and paranoia, caused many of the members of the cadre who founded the republic to carry guns constantly, and mustafa kemal atatürk not to have traveled abroad during his statesmanship.


semi-military secret organization founded by the union and progress in 1914


although they have a potential of 30 thousand members, there is no official list or record of the names. in addition, such as the absence of a roster, how the members did this work, whether they were paid or not, and if they were paid, to what extent they were paid, these all show the complexity of the organization.


secret service established in the last period of the ottoman empire. ancestor of myth.


it is an organization that i believe has a supra-state structure and operates in a multinational manner, which emerges when the politics, army and nations are in great difficulty, is stuck and falls into despair, makes its masterful moves, and again with the same mastery, without stopping too long in the square, skillfully retreating for its next move. when we look at some events that are impossible to explain from time to time, we can see their traces.