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it is maya, which has been a member of my household for 5 years, who passed from my grandmother's maternity to me and continued her life. if i assume that my grandmother is 82 years old, if there is no feriştah, it is 100 years old. i look with my eyes. once a week, i ask for his well-being and feed him, and i do not fail to respect his age. if i made good breads and bagels, it's thanks to him.


bakers who know the secret of good bread make the sourdough bread that your friends can meet at the link below, but they can't sell 3 of them and they have to continue to produce those plastic breads. in a country whose people are ignorant and shallow, is it any wonder that the bread was spoiled first video site/watch?v=r5kkeksfyoe


dr. oetker also took it out.…eri/maya/eksi-maya.html


the older these sourdoughs were, the more valuable they were. there are even 100-200 years old ones and they are passed down from generation to generation or from hand to hand.…-old-sour-dough-starter

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