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his new book, geopolitical route for the blue homeland, was published by kaynak publishing. i thought he was taking a break from his writing because he was busy with the book. it was sad to hear that he passed away. the country has lost another patriot. rest in peace. may his place be heaven.


as far as i can see, he was a patriotic person who was concerned with the problems of the country and tried to inform people. rest in peace. condolences to his family and loved ones.


admiral, a relative of my wife. he died at 13:56 at the hospital where he had been treated for cancer for months. the funeral that will rise from the levent mosque on wednesday


do not think that a person who can come close to his savings will easily catch up. as someone who follows him as much as possible, when i heard the news of his death, my heart burned. i wish god's mercy on him and express my condolences to the entire the nation.


former admiral who was tried in the ergenekon/sledgehammer (fetö) cases. he explains so well the reasons for the coup attempt on 15 july 2016. link: video site/watch?v=qwblurxdnpq and t=35s


sorry for your loss. sleep in the lights, sir. we will not forget what you did for the blue homeland.