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the person who writes comments about vaccination because they gave stale vaccinations to first graders. since my son is in the 1st grade, i researched these news out of fear in the middle of the night and finally found the truth. it turned out that some of the vaccines were not entered into the system, so there was a perception that it was out of date, and the ministry of health made statements and said that there was no such situation. that is, the friend makes a mess without researching and does not understand what he is reading. i wrote them to him but he blocked me :)


there are some accounts, i will unfollow those who follow that account. clear and precise. this account is one of them. i find this account, which has no reputation in my eyes, completely unreliable. the man interprets the product not on the product itself, but on the packaging image he finds on the internet. come on, we understand that you have the right to comment on issues that are not your field, but at least get the product and comment on it. it's a shame, it's a shame.


a balloon that starts out like a food detective, takes the easy way out, and progresses entirely through advertisements. it was useful for a short time at first, now classic ads.